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List of Schools, Classes, Associations and Single Italian People which subscribe and would like to have a correspondance with People of near Islamic Countries


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To brothers and sisters of Muslim religion working in the school as students and teachers.

We signers, who teach and study in different schools in Italy or who belong to associations dealing with educational problems, want to assure you that we trust in the dialog with you and we consider you friends and brothers. After the terrorist attack to the Twin Towers some of our media, of our rulers and of our Italian and European fellow-citizens have shown an attitude of mistrust, and sometimes of superiority and of ostility toward the Muslim world, but we don't share this at all.

At the same time we think unfair and unacceptable that for the punishment and prevention of the crime a lot of innocents are murdered indiscriminately and that the western powers are going to lead this war in the Ramadan month, devoted to prayers and fast for the Muslims.

Second, we are angry for passive attitude of European Union versus IsaraŰli's action against president Arafat, for bloody repression against palestinian people, and for continue breach of United Nations decisions and of right to life in Palestine*.

So, we think that the prejudices towards the Muslims are completely unfair as they come from the western countries that have conquered and colonized, in recent times, most of the Islamic countries and of the whole world. Moreover, we can't forget that the International Monetary Found, western governments and western big multinational companies for some time constantly condition prices and market worldwide.

Nevertheless the mistrust and the prejudice of the common people of our country come from ignorance and from media deformations and exaggerations too. The common people of our country, as we do, do not really know as you think, as you pray God, as you live your daily life, or as you live the school experience. This message is therefore an invitation to the dialog among schools, among classes, teachers and students, hoping that knowledge can bring us toghether.

People who are intrested in entering our network to exchange news, opinions, images or also only greetings, can do it wrighting to this e-mail adress mediatori@didaweb.net. We would like to know what you think of our message and if you are intrested in carrying on the dialog with a class (please specify the age of the students and the school type) or with individual teachers or students.

First we suggest you the following great themes:

1) opinions on the problems of relationship among peoples and civilisations
2) daily life in the respective countries
3) the school and its problems
4) internet navigation and use of Informatics at school
5) teaching of foreign languages

Eventually we invite you to spread this message, that we are sending in Arabic too, in the schools and everywhere you think it right. If people are interested in getting in touch with us by mail in English, French, or Italian language, you could give them the mail adresses that are availables in www.didaweb.net/mediatori.

We are sorry, but we cannot understand the Arabic and we can only offer a correspondance in western languages.
Nevertheless we know that the Arabian tradition of culture has permitted to Europeans to read not only the great philosophers Ibn Sina and Ibn Rashd, but also the Greek Aristotle, translated from Arabic.

We hope that in a near future all peoples know, at least a little, the languages and cultures of the other peoples.

Yours, a group of teachers and students belonging to different Italian schools and of volonteers belonging to different non-governmental associations.

[*] Added in march 2002.

NB: Our site belongs to an association non-profit self-financed of volonteers, without links with States, partis or churches, without political-ideological aims (Alinet association, viale Mazzini 1, Frosinone, Italy).

29 march 2002

We think we correctly interpret the intentions of our former subscribers, adding now this declaration: We strongly condemn the attack of Israeli against the leader of Palestinian Authority and the inactivity of western governments and particularly of our European Union. All that contribute to get worse the athmosphere of suspect and hate between cultures and between religions.


























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