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eSchoolnet Cartoon Competition
Rimoldi Fabrizio - 23.01.2002

Ciao a tutti,
vi segnalo che all'interno del progetto europeo eSchool viene indetto un concorso per ragazzi dai 5 ai 18 anni sulla creazioni di un cartoon.

Chi di voi non lo conoscesse il progetto eSchool della Comunita' europea lo pregherei di visitare il seguente indirizzo dal momento che e' un programma ben congeniato e spinto anche dal MIUR:

Per quanto riguarda il concorso a seguire avete una breve spiegazione e ulteriori dettagli nel file word allegato, ci sono vari premi il primo viene offerto da Apple International e si tratta di una Mobile Classroom.

eSchoolnet Cartoon Competition

Pupils aged 5-18 can win great prizes in our eSchoolnet cartoon competition! You could stand a chance to win comic books and more from our sponsers! Utopia comic shops in Brussels, the hometown of bande desinée has kindly donated prizes. To enter all you have to do is draw a cartoon relating to the theme "tolerance".

Entries will be judged in two categories:
• Primary school pupils (age 5-11)
• Secondary school pupils (age 12-18)

All entries must be submitted by 19 April 2002.

Take your chance to draw a cartoon that shows what "tolerance" means to you, and you could win great prizes! Laptop computers and comic books are up for grabs. Read the rules, make your cartoon in digital format, then upload it using our form on the website at

To fill in the form, all you need to mention is name, age, country and email address.

1) Prizes:
1st prize:
Apple Computer is kindly donating a Mobile Classroom including three iBook laptop computers, a printer and a scanner for the overall winner.
Runners-up prizes:
A choice of comic books are offered by Utopia Comics in Brussels, Belgium.
2) Rules:

What kind of cartoon?
It can be any style of cartoon – comics, bande dessinée, manga or whatever you can imagine!

You are free to choose: draw just one large frame, a comic strip or any other type of cartoon. The cartoons can be in black and white (greyscale) or in colour.

But remember to stick to the right size:
Width 639 pixels, Height 455 pixels

How do I send in my cartoon?
Just fill in the form at to make your entry!
To use the form, your cartoon must be in digital format.

There are two ways to make a digital cartoon:

Create it using traditional materials like pencils, ink, paint or airbrush and then scan them into the computer.

Or draw it on a computer using an image-drawing program, like Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint, or use a vector image program like Illustrator or Freehand. And 3D graphics are also very welcome!

What format?

All images must be either in gif or jpg format when we get them. We prefer that the images be in 72 pixels resolution although we can of course resize them if they are in a higher resolution.

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