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Autore Topic: AMEN ROMAN SIKLOJAS - Impariamo il Romani - da scaricare  (Letto 13780 volte)
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Textbook and Teacher Notes

Textbook Part 1 (page 1-24), 1,8 MB

Textbook Part 2 (page 25-47), 1,29 MB

Ursula Glaeser / Katharina Martens / Dieter W. Halwachs
in collaboration with Gerd Ambrosch / Cornelia Purr / Michael Wogg
Illustration & graphic design Franz Landl
Graz/Oberwart 1998

1. The textbook
The textbook " Amen Roman Siklojas" - " We learn Romani" was first developed in 1995 as a test version, then in 1998 as a teaching aid for the teaching of Romani as part of the project at the association Roma in Oberwart.

It starts with a preface which contains the didactic-methodical principles on which the textbook is based:

A language is learnt because you want to understand what somebody tells you
A language is learnt because you want to tell somebody something
A language is learnt because you need additional information
A language is learnt as a whole, not as a grammatical set of rules whose fragments have to be put together for concrete use

The units are introduced by cartoons (example: Unit 8, p. 34);
they tell the story of two extraterrestrial creatures who have landed on planet earth. At first marvelled at by the children because of them being different, they soon make friends. At the end of the textbook the extraterrestrial creatures return to their world; it remains unclear if they will ever return to our planet.

The cartoons are the thematic lead-in to those lexical and grammatical areas which are dealt with in the texts (example: Unit 7, p.31), exercises (example: Unit 5, p.23) or semantic field presentations (example: Unit 1, p.6 and Unit 2, p.10) of the various units.
The textbook is designed to provide ideas and suggestions; depending on time, interest and knowledge teachers and pupils will expand and complete the contents during the lessons.

2. Teacher's notes
The teacher's notes (download as work report 4a) on the textbook "Amen Roman Siklojas" are divided into the following areas according to the units of the textbook: (note: Teacher's notes are only available in german)

Translations of the units with reference to language varieties
Additions to the semantic fields, phrases and idioms used in the units
Grammatical explanation of the language structures used in the units
Suggestions for games for the various topics
Child philosophical comments on the units (Dr. Daniela G. Camhy)
Ursula Glaeser / Katharina Martens / Dieter W. Halwachs, Lehrerkommentar zum Lehrbuch "Amen Roman Siklojas" unter Mitarbeit von Gerd Ambrosch / C. Purr / Michael Wogg, mit kinderphilosophischen Anmerkungen von Daniela Camhy. (Arbeitsbericht 4A des Projekts Kodifizierung und Didaktisierung des Roman.) Verein Roma/Oberwart 1998

Teacher's notes (in German), 824 KB

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