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World War II Timeline, Università di San Diego: raccolta di link su mappe, documenti, poster di propaganda e fotografie sulla II guerra mondiale.

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World War II Links on the Internet

  • General
  • A-bomb
  • Aviation
  • Battles by Date
  • Books & Articles
  • CD/DVD/MP3s
  • Countries
  • Documents
  • Espionage
  • Holocaust
  • Homefront
  • Library of Congress
  • Maps
  • Maritime
  • Mass Media
  • Museums & Exhibits
  • National Archives
  • Personal Accounts & POW
  • Propaganda
  • Special Subjects
  • Technology
  • U.S. Government
  • U.S. Military & Units
  • What's New


  •  World War II index from Yahoo is a good place to start
  • World War II Resources from Larry W. Jewell with documents from the Pearl Harbor Working Group and from the former Byrd Archive, including FDR speeches, now at ibiblio
  • World War II Discussion List Archives from WWII-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU since 1993
  • World War II links from Canadian Forces College in Toronto
  • Hyperwar from Patrick Clancey with collections of government documents and military histories, now at ibiblio
  • World War II on the Web and extensive list of links from Mark Conrad
  • World War II Plus 55 David H. Lippman
  • World War II Two BBC History
  • World War II I and Cold   links


  • The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II: A Collection of Primary Sources, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 162, August 5, 2005
  • Enola Gay and the Atomic Bomb from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) has excerpts of the script from the Smithsonian Institution exhibit, "The Last Act: The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II," proposed for 1995 but never shown
  • Enola Gay Perspectives
  • Fifty Years from Trinity special supplement from Seattle Times
  • Hanford
  • High Energy Weapons Archive from Carey Sublette and FAS
  • Leo Szilard home page with links to other atomic bomb pages
  • The man who dropped the bomb. Chicago Tribune's Bob Greene talks to Paul Tibbets, 83, the pilot of the Enola Gay.Here are his columns on Tibbets' recollections.
  • Trinity Atomic Test Site from Gregory Walker and FAS


  • Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA) at Keele University, Staffordshire UK, provides access via the internet to the 5.5 million aerial reconnaissance photographs taken over occupied Western Europe by the Allies during World War II and deposited by the UK Ministry of Defence at TARA.
  • American Aircraft of World War II from David Hanson is a reference site on over 140 U.S. aircraft used or designed by the U.S. in WWII. Photos and info. Search by name, type, or manufacturer
  • B-Side-Museum is a virtual museum of 3D models, including aircraft from World War II.
  • Battle-damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses is a photo gallery of B-17 Flying Fortress bombers that managed to get back to their bases despite serious battle damage during WWII.
  • Biplane Aces of World War II
  • Black Cat PBY Catalinas is a history of U.S. Navy PBY squadrons in the WWII Pacific that painted their Catalina flying boats flat black and attacked Japanese ships at night.
  • Boeing aircraft company includes short history
  • Bomber Command from the Canadian site The Valour and the Horror
  • Bombing of Dresden is critical of David Irving's book The Destruction of Dresden
  • British Aircraft of World War II I from Jaap Teeuwen
  • Destruction of Dresden from Glenn Call
  • Elevon with Aviation History documents by Emmanuel Gustin and Joe Baugher formerly at the Byrd Archive
  • Flight-History from Cathy Berglund in Calgary AB
  • George Rarey's cartoon journals of the 379th Fighter Squadron of P-47 Thunderbolts
  • Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime Story The Experiences of a B-17 Navigator in the 8th Air Force, from Tom Stelzriede
  • Naval Air War  In The Pacific is a visual history of U.S. Navy and Marine air units in WWII Pacific. Includes photos, paintings, and text covering the men, aircraft, carriers, tactics, and battles.
  • No. 211 (Bomber) Squadron RAF from Dan Clark
  • P-38 page from pilot "Wild Bill" Boyd
  • Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, home of the International B-24 museum
  • Royal Air Force: Operational Records (Research Guide, UK National Archives)
  • Spitfire & Hurricane Museum at RAF Manston in Kent
  • Tribute to the Cactus Air Force is about the U.S. Marine, Navy, and Army Air Corps pilots who defended Guadalcanal from August-November 1942. Includes: history, photos, paintings, references.
  • United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (Pacific) 1 July 1946 and European from Chuck Anesi
  • US Airborne During WW II from Dominic T. Biello
  • WW2Hero.com on airman Theodore "Ted" Elman of the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group
  • Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In includes 24 aircraft training films from WWII, and the Matinee section shows documentaries

    Battles by Date

  • 1937 - Nanking Massacre from CND and Princeton and WWW Memorial Hall
  • 1938 - Kristallnacht from the U.S. Holocaust Museum
  • 1940 - Battle of Britain from David Matusek
  • 1940 - Battle of Britain's airplanes features at the Spitfire & Hurricane Museum at RAF Manston in Kent
  • 1941 - Battle of Crete
  • 1941 - Pearl Harbor
  • 1941 - Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal Vol. I of the History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II
  • 1941 - The Defense of Wake Dec. 10-23, Marines in World War II Historical Monograph
  • 1941 - A Magnificent Fight: Marines Marines in the Battle for Wake Island Marines in World War II Commemorative Series 1992
  • 1942 - Multimedia exhibit on the fall of Singapore and the 70-day Malayan campaign in 1942 from the National Museum of Singapore
  • 1942 - North African Campaign
  • 1942 - Philippine Islands 7 December 1941-10 May 1942 from CMH
  • 1942 - Battling Bastards of Bataan from Richard M. Gordon
  • 1942 - Dutch East Indies
  • 1942 - Midway from John Crossen
  • 1942 - Return to Midway from National Geographic Online features the expedition led by Dr. Robert Ballard that discovered on May 19, 1998 the wreck of the Yorktown (6/1/98)
  • 1942 - Marines at Midway, Marines in World War II Historical Monograph, 1948
  • 1942 - Aleutian Islands 3 June 1942 - 24 August 1943 from CMH
  • 1942 - The Aleutians Campaign June 1942--August 1943, United States Navy Combat Narrative, Naval Historical Center 1993
  • 1942 - China Defensive 4 July 1942-4 May 1945 from CMH
  • 1942 - Papua 23 July 1942-23 January 1943 from CMH
  • 1942 - First Offensive: The Marine Campaign For Guadalcanal Marines in World War II Commemorative Series 1992
  • 1942 - Guadalcanal 7 August 1942-21 February 1943 from CMH
  • 1942 - The U.S. Army Campaigns in World War II: Guadalcanal from CMH
  • 1942 - Guadalcanal Online The Campaign on Guadalcanal, August 7, 1942 - February 9, 1943. Featuring the 1st Marine Division.
  • 1942 - Guadacanal Diary of J. R. Garrett
  • 1942 - Pacific Counterblow The 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron in the Battle for Guadalcanal
  • 1942 - Third Battle of Savo, November 14-15, 1942. Excerpt from: Operational Experience of Fast Battleships: World War II, Korea, Vietnam. Second Edition, compiled and edited by John C. Reilly, Jr., Naval Historical Center, Department of the Navy, Washington: 1989, pp 61-67.
  • 1943 - Death of Yamamoto April 18, 1943
  • 1943 - Tarawa Nov. 20-23, 1943
  • 1943 - Bougainville Nov. 1943
  • 1943 - Sicily 9 July-17 August 1943 from CMH
  • 1943 - Italian Campaign September 1943 - May 1945 from Steve Cole
  • 1943 - Central Pacific 7 December 1941-6 December 1943 from CMH
  • 1944 - The Marshall Islands Campaign January 31, 1944 - Feb. 8, 1944
  • 1944 - Naples-Foggia 9 September 1943-21 January 1944 from CMH
  • 1944 - Anzio 22 January-24 May 1944 from CMH
  • 1944 - Rome-Arno 22 January-9 September 1944 from CMH
  • 1944 - Normandy 6 June-24 July 1944 from CMH
  • 1944 - Normandy: 1944 from Encyclopedia Britannica
  • 1944 - In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944 from from the Canadian site The Valour and the Horror
  • D-Day, 1944: Operation Overlord (UK National Archives)
  • 1944 - D -Day, June 6, 1944 CBC News Photo Gallery
  • 1944 - 50th Anniversary of D-Day from nando.net
  • 1944 - Guts and Glory documentary on D-Day from American Experience
  • 1944 - Cross-Channel Attack - Army "Green Book" from CMH
  • 1944 - Omaha Beachhead (6 June-13 June 1944) from CMH
  • 1944 - Utah Beach to Cherbourg (6-27 June 1944) with maps, from CMH
  • 1944 - St-Lo (7 July - 19 July 1944) from CMH
  • 1944 - Paris Liberation is an online chronology of the events of August 1944 in France
  • 1944 - Operation Market Garden of 1944 from Pegasus in the Netherlands
  • 1944 - Scheldt
  • 1944 - Liberation of Achtmaal October 25 from the Oostvogels Liberation Museum
  • 1944 - Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge - Army "Green Book" from CMH
  • 1944 - Warsaw Uprising in Poland
  • 1944 - NavisMagazine article on photo sequence of the US Navy attack on the Japanese fleet and battleship Musashi (Yamato's sistership) in the Sibuyan Sea on October 24, 1944, one of the chapters of the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
  • 1944 - Battle of the Philippine Sea June 18-20
  • 1944 - Peleliu in the Palau Islands Sept. 15 to Nov. 24.
  • 1944 - North Apennines 10 September 1944-4 April 1945 from CMH
  • 1945 - Po Valley 5 April-8 May 1945 from CMH
  • 1945 - Luzon 15 December 1944-4 July 1945 from CMH
  • 1945 - Okinawa
  • Pacific  War  from Dr. Gordon Warner
  • US Army in Northern Ireland, 1941-1945 from CMH
  • Defense of the Americas 7 December 1941-2 September 1945 from CMH
  • The Army Nurse Corps in World War II from CMH
  • The Women's Army Corps in World War II from CMH
  • U.S. Army Special Operations in World War II from CMH

    Books & Articles

  • Bibliography for the World War II Seminar.
  • CMH Publications on-line from U.S. Army Center of Military History
  • Foreign Relations of the United States includes online volumes 1900-01 and 1903-18 and since 1945
  • HistoryArticles.Com feature articles by Jerome M. O'Connor
  • Scenes from the End: The Last Days of World War II in Europe by Frank E. Manuel from Steerforth Press, published February 2000.


  • Atomic Archive: Enhanced Edition CD-ROM from AJ Software at atomicarchive.com has 30 minutes of video, 400 photos from government archives, extensive text and interactive maps and timeline of the nuclear age. This site also sells DVDS of the Atomic Bomb Collection, Trinity and Beyond, and Day After Trinity.
  • CDAccess distrubutes the Flagtower CD-ROMS that include World War I, World War II, War in the Pacific, the Attica Cybernetics World War II Encyclopedia and other WWII titles.
  • Front und Heimat CD-ROM, 1270 private and 30 other photos from the period of World War II (German, some Russian), a detailed introduction (in German), list of contents, bibliography and ca. 200 links to WWII-websites, published in Germany by Dietrich Klose of Historicmedia.
  • F.Y.I. and Video Universe distribute these DVDs: The Concise History of the Second World War (21-disc set, narrated by Robert Hardy), History of World War II (2-disc set from Eagle Rock), World At War (11-disc set, produced in 1974 by Thames, narrated by Laurence Olivier, see review), World War II (5-disc set includes the Why We Fight series made by Frank Capra), Victory At Sea (4-disc set includes the 26-part TV series from 1952), Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain, Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color, D-Day: The Battle That Liberated the World, Operation Barbarossa, Archives of War (3-disc set), Great Battles of World War II (7-disc set), Warbirds of World War II (7-disc set), World War II-Canada At War (7-disc set), Great Tank Battles of World War II, Big Battles: World War II, They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II, World War II Combat Chronicles, You Are There: World War II Begins (by CBS News); CDs include the Big Band Sound Of World War Ii Big Band Sound Of World War II.
  • Goldhil DVDs include Enemy at the Door series (4-disc sets), Kamikaze in Color, USS Arizona - USS Missouri: From Tragedy to Victory Special Edition, Visions of War (3-disc set), War in Color (3-disc set), World War II in Color, World War II in Color: The British Story - 3-disc set) ; VHS includes 10th Mountain Division: Ridge Runners, African-American Heroes of WWII, Army Navy Screen Magazine, B-24 Trilogy: The Victory Bombers (3-tape set), Birth of the Bomber: The Story of the B-24 Liberator, Hidden Army, The: Women in WWII, Just The Facts: World War II (4-tape classroom set), Victory Gardens of WWII.
  • Goodtimes Entertainment DVDs include Why We Fight - Series (4-disc set), World War II - Collection (Frank Capra, 8-disc set), The Fighting Lady (1944, color), Thunderbolt (1945, color), Payoff in the Pacific (1945), Pearl Harbor - 60th Anniversary Memorial (2001, 8-disc set), Pearl Harbor (2001, 4-disc set), available from Mojo or Amazon
  • Granada Television DVDs include A Family At War, Foyle's War, D-Day In Colour, Churchill (narrated by Ian McKellen); VHS include Countdown to War (1989 with Ian McKellen as Hitler)
  • History Channel DVDs include Victory At Sea, Nazi POWs in America, Rescue at Dawn: The Los Banos Raid, WWII: The War in Europe, WWII: The War in the Pacific, The Rohna Disaster: WWII's Secret Tragedy, The True Story Of The Black Sheep Squadron, Thunderbolts: The Conquest Of The Reich, B26 Marauder, Navajo Code Talkers, Battle Stations: P-51 Mustang, Iwo Jima: Hell's Volcano
  • National Geographic DVDs include ÊBattle for Midway, Untold Stories Of World War II, Beyond the Movie: Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack.
  • Old Time Radio has a 9-CD WWII collection of MP3 recordings that includes 30 hours of AFRS Recordings, 140 hours of radio news, and 82 hours of Homefront radio programs. OTR also offers 20-hour MP3 CDs of the Complete Broadcast Day, Sept 21, 1939, by radio station WJSV, and the Complete Broadcast D-Day, June 6, 1944.
  • PBS DVDs include B-17 Flying Legend, Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain, Bataan Rescue: Death March and Rescue, World War II Greatest Battles, WWII in Color, Last Days of WWII, D-Day Code Name: Overlord, D-Day: Down to Earth - Return of the 507th, Shoah, Heroes of World War II with Walter Cronkite, War in Europe with Walter Cronkite, War in the Pacific with Walter Cronkite, Allies at War, Road to Berlin/Road to Stalingrad, Famous Fighters of WWII, Famous Bombers of World War II, Fate Did Not Let Me Go on the Holocaust letter of Valli Ollendorf.
  • Pearl Harbor films
  • Sharkhunters has tapes of the German U-boat war
  • Smithsonian DVDs include The WWII Memorial: A Testament to Freedom, Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color, Band of Brothers.
  • Their Sacrifice: Australia Remembers from Digital Gateway
  • UCLA Film and Television Archive produced The 1930s: Prelude to War Video Library on 30 VHS cassettes from the Hearst Metrotone Newsreels collection.
  • Wasted Years documentay film of Belgian man dafted into German army


  • Library of Congress Area Handbook studies of countries of the world
  • CIA World Factbook with maps
  • Maps from the large collection at the University of Texas

  • Australia
  • Britain
  • Canada
  • China
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
    • Liberation Museum and Timberwolf Album from Bart and Teun Oostvogels in Achtmaal, The Netherlands, in the Schelde estuary near Antwerp that was liberated in November 1944 by the 104th Infantry Division, the Timberwolves, under the command of General Terry Allen.
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland


  • Documents from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School
  • Documents at Mississippi State University from the war era
  • Documents at Wiretap.spies.com
  • Historical Document Reproductions, Inc. has biographies, pictures, information about the documents that it offers for sale (Oct. 29, 2001)
  • LoneSentry.com has photos, articles, and research on the European Theater in World War II, including unit histories, intelligence bulletins, and the G.I. Stories series of 53 booklets on the Ground, Air, and Service Forces in the European Theater of Operations published by the Information and Education Division, ETOUSA in Paris during 1944 and 1945.
  • MI5 (Security Service) records related to World War II from the UK Public Record Office
  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Proceedings from the Avalon Project at the Yale Law School includes all 22 volumes of the International Military Tribunal proceedings at Nuremberg in 1946
  • Online Military Indexes & Records for World War I and World War II from Joe Beine includes links to genealogy and veteran records
  • Papers of Admiral Richard W. Bates are on-line in pdf format from the Naval War College. Bates commanded the cruiser USS MINNEAPOLIS (CA-36) in the bombardment of Wake Island, participated in the invasion of the Gilbert Islands and sank the Japanese light cruiser KATORI off Truk in April 1944. During May-August 1944, Bates was on the staff of the Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet. In September he served with the Seventh Fleet during the Philippine Islands campaign and in December was Chief of Staff and Aide to Commander Battleship Division Two and was involved in the Lingayen-Luzon and Okinawa operations. (Nov. 18, 1999)
  • Spearheading with the Third Armored Division, narrative written in 1945 (Feb. 14, 1999)
  • Symbol - The Casablanca Conference from Simon Appleby including chapters from his book and essays such as the SS
  • Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and the Casablanca Conference by Simon Appleby is based on his dissertation at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. (10/6/98)
  • WWII Document collections on USD History server and at ibiblio and Avalon and Mississippi State Historical Text Archive


  • Bletchley Park Trust has a history of Station X; also Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War is the website for the history, science and engineering of cryptanalysis in World War II by Tony Sale, founder and curator of the Bletchley Park Museum.
  • Codebreaking and Secret Weapons in World War II chapters from Bill Momsen originally published in Nautical Brass magazine includes bibliography
  • Cryptology page from Frode Weierud
  • ECM Mark II Sigaba machine from Jerry Proc and his Crypto Machines site, about the device used by the USS Pampanito
  • Imperial War Museum includes War Cabinet Rooms
  • International Spy Museum at 800 F Street, NW, in DC to open June 2002
  • National Army Security Agency Association history of SIGNIT
  • National Cryptologic Museum from the National Security Agency
  • National Security Archive at George Washington University, with link to the Digital National Security Archives
  • ONI history from FAS
  • Secret History of WWII special report from Boston Globe, April 15, 2001
  • Secrets of War from The History Channel is a 26 hour documentary series in 52 episodes.
  • Sigsaly story from NSA
  • Uboat.net includes Enigma and U-110
  • United States Early Radio History includes History of Communications-Electronics in the United States Navy 1963 book by Captain Linwood S. Howeth
  • Winston Churchill and the Bombing of Coventry from the Churchill Center
  • World War II from BBCi History


  • Auschwitz Album: The Story of a Transport, Oliver Lustig's Text Presentation of Historic Holocaust Photographs, posted on the Holocaust Survivors' Network
  • Holocaust links from Mark Conrad
  • Holocaust history from the U.S. Holocaust Museum
  • Holocaust Denial on Trial from Emory University's Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies.
  • Index of Bulgarian Jews in WWII.
  • Research Guide for Students by I. Lee
  • Second World War: War Crimes, 1939-1945 (Research Guide, UK National Archives)
  • Varian Fry saved thousands from the Holocaust in 1940 France


  • Mobilization in World War II from CMH
  • Exhibit of photos from a German POW camp in Oregon.
  • Camp Aliceville History of the German POW camp in Aliceville, Alabama
  • Fighters on the Farm Front is an exhibit from the Oregon state archives.
  • War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
  • Japanese-American internment camps at Tule Lake and Topaz
  • Camp Harmony was the Puyallup Assembly Center for Japanese-Americans near Seattle.
  • Produce for Victory: Posters on the American Home Front (1941-45) from Smithsonian
  • Images of the Home Front: The World War II Experience in America from Primary Sources Network
  • World War II and the American Dream: How Wartime Building Changed A Nation exhibit from the National Building Museum
  • Profile of Carl Vinson

    Library of Congress

  • American Memory home page or list by historical eras
  • America From the Depression to World War II: Photographs From the FSA-OWI, 1935-1945
  • Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress
  • Library of Congress Area Handbook Country Studies


  • CIA World Factbook with maps
  • Omaha Beach Intelligence Assault Map from Michael Richards
  • World War II maps by Animated Atlas Project and Glyn Harris
  • World War II maps from CMH at UT
  • World War II maps - European Theater from USMA at West Point
  • World War II maps - Asian and Pacific Theater from USMA at West Point
  • World War II Maps from World War II Timeline
  • World War II Military Situation Maps: 1944-1945 (Library of Congress)


  • Aircraft Carriers USS Lexington (CV16) and USS Wasp (CV18) and escort carrier USS Gilbert Islands (CVE-107)
  • American Merchant Marine at War
  • Battle of the Atlantic from National Museums Liverpool
  • Battleships USS Alabama and USS Arizona and USS Missouri and USS New Jersey and USS North Carolina
  • Battleships Carriers And All Other Warships
  • Battleship Page from the Iowa Class Preservation Association
  • Battleship Yamato from Michele Heikkila
  • Blue Water Navies from JD Jones
  • Cruiser USS Augusta
  • Destroyers On Line
  • Full Fathom Five: The U.S. Submarine War Against Japan
  • German battleship Bismarck
  • German Uboats in the Battle of the Atlantic 1939-45
  • Liberty Ships SS John W Brown and SS Jeremiah O'Brien
  • LST 454 Home page from Scott A. Molski, Anthony V. Giglio
  • Maritime Disasters of World War II from George Duncan
  • North Atlantic U.S. Military Bases
  • Pacific Naval Battles map
  • Pacific War from Michael Haenel (in German), focusing on Hokkaido Bay and the waters north of Tokyo
  • PORT Maritime Information Gateway: World War II
  • PT Boat page
  • Royal Navy: Operational Records: Second World War, 1939-1945 (Research Guide, UK National Archives)
  • Submarines USS Bowfin in Pearl Harbor and USS Cavalla in Galveston and USS Cod in Cleveland and USS Cobia and USS Crevalle in Portsmouth and USS Pampanito in San Francisco and USS Silversides in Muskegon, Michigan, and German U-505 in Chicago
  • U-boat Net from Gudmundur Helgason
  • United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum has the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
  • United States Navy in WWII: Primary Source Documents
  • U.S. Navy in the Pacific War 1941 - 1945 from Tim Lanzendoerfer
  • Warships Associated With World War II in the Pacific by Harry A. Butowsky, online book from National Park Service History Division, May 1985
  • World War II "Silent-Service" from Subnet
  • Blue Water Navies from JD Jones

    Mass Media

    • Atlantic Monthly stories:
    - The Real War 1939-1945 by Paul Fussell, August 1989.
    - One War is Enough by Edgar L. Jones, Feb. 1946, opposed peacetime conscription.
    - "Is This Like Your War, Sir?" The line of battle, 1944-1945 by Arthur T. Hadley, September 1972, compares WWII with Vietnam.
  • Audie Murphy Memorial Web Site
  • Dr. Seuss Went to War provides the entire collection of 400 editorial cartoons drawn 1941-43 by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) when he was the chief editorial cartoonist for PM newspaper in New York, from the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of California, San Diego.
  • Ernie Pyle
  • Picturing the Century: One Hundred Years of Photography from the National Archives, includes gallery for The Great War and the New Era, The Great Depression and the New Deal, A World in Flames (World War II), Postwar America, and Century's End
  • Picasso's Guernica Unveiled from Alan Carter shows details of the famous painting, now in the Reina Sofia Museum
  • They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II from PBS
  • War of the Worlds transcript and articles on the 1938 radio broadcast
  • Wireless War of radio braodcasts from World War II from Bill Pittman at MichNews.Net
  • Words At War, World War II Radio Drama and the Post War Broadcasting Industry Blacklist by Howard Blue
  • World War II Navy Art: A Vision of History from The Navy Art Gallery

    • Movies:
    - First Motion Pcture Unit (FMPU) of the 18th Air Force Base Unit stationed at "Fort Roach" in Culver City CA
    - Military Aviation Movie List compiled by Marshall Cram from Flightline II
    - Ten Best American Movies of World War II from American Heritage magazine, Feb. 1999
    - Filmnotes for the Hollywood feature films The Bridge on the River Kwai and A Bridge Too Far and Casablanca and Das Boot and Enemy at the Gates and The English Patient and The Fighting Seabees and The Fighting Sullivans and Flying Tigers


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