Strengthening the Special Education (SSE) – Turkey

Di Rolando Alberto Borzetti - News - 04.03.2010

Indicative budget of the project: EUR 5.400.000

Duration: 2 years


The project will support to the Ministry of National Education in increasing opportunities and to improving the learning environments for disabled individuals with a view to increasing their access to education and inclusion in society. For this purpose, TA will cover development policy on inclusive special education, conducting awareness rising activities, assisting in increasing the quality of related services through delivery of trainings; consultancy services; needs assessment analysis and awareness campaigns.

It will include pre-schools and primary education schools.

There are 7 activities the project includes. I also attach the project fiche, please see pages from 12 to 20 for the detailed descriptions of the results and the activities in a table format.

1.    Policy recommendation on inclusive special education developed

2.    Awareness for inclusion of the disabled in the society increased

3.    Professional qualifications of teachers on special need education increased in pilot provinces

4.    “School Without Barriers Model” designed for the learning needs and characteristics of each individual implemented in pilot provinces

5.    Necessary materials and equipment support provided to the schools and institutions in pilot provinces

6.    Quality of educational diagnosis and assessment services in GRC improved

7.    Quality of work and vocational training for the disabled individuals improved

The 10 pilot cities the project will be implemented are: Ankara, Żstanbul, Żzmir, Kahramanmaraž, Samsun, Zonguldak, Ašrż, Erzurum, Siirt and Gaziantep.

Standard Summary Project Fiche – IPA decentralised National Programmes

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