Cities for Peace - 14-02-2003
Council Members from 30 of the 83 Cities
That Have Passed Resolutions Against War on Iraq Came to Washington, Were Turned Away at White House Gates

Members of city councils from cities and towns, large and small, from all corners of America will come to Washington, DC on Thursday, February 13 to let the President and Congress know the deep reservations their constituents have about a unilateral U.S. attack on Iraq.

While seeking a meeting with President Bush, representatives from many of the 83 cities and towns that have passed resolutions opposing unilateral action, will also use their time to meet with their senators and congressmen to let them know the breadth and depth of opposition in America's heartland. Among the councils that have taken action are major cities such as Seattle, Des Moines, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Providence, and smaller ones including Kalamazoo MI, San Luis Obispo CA, Jersey City NJ and Santa Fe NM have passed anti-war resolutions.

The day of local visits will begin with a 10:00 press briefing at the National Press Club. Following that the delegation will proceed to the White House where they will either meet with or simply leave the many resolutions for delivery to President Bush. At 2:00pm the delegation will have a briefing with leading opposition members of Congress and experts on Iraq in Rayburn 2237, after which the delegates will pay visits to their states' senators and congressmen.

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